2012 - 2013 Information Technology Services Update

Welcome back to campus. Over the last year Information Technology Services (ITS) has continued to improve services and technology support. Many of these efforts took several months to implement to ensure we were ready for the fall semester. You may notice many of these new features and processes as you return to campus.

  • Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) in WINGS SEIs are now available online through WINGS. The system was successfully piloted last spring with nearly 5,000 evaluations in 273 course sections. Results were good with response rates mirroring the paper and pencil method. Administrative staff is being trained on the new system and departments will have the option to go digital this fall.

  • Student Photos in WINGS In summer 2011 campus put a new system into place to manage student ID cards. The new system also allowed greater flexibility for integrating with different systems. This summer student photos have been added to WINGS. Faculty can view a student’s ID photo from the class roster in WINGS. Advisors also have access to photos through the Advisor Center. Please note that students have the option to hide their photo and some distance learners never get an ID card so you may not see a picture for every student.

  • College Scheduler – A new tool will be available for students this fall to aid in registration for classes. College Scheduler lets students choose the courses they need and then generates several possible schedules. This aids students in their planning, helping them fit classes into their schedule they may not have thought possible.

  • Digital Measures – Digital Measures is an important tool for faculty. Last year we reviewed how faculty logged into the system and how data was being stored. Digital Measures was changed to use the standard NetID username and password for log in. Access to the files uploaded through Digital Measures has been restricted to provide a higher level of security.

  • Campus Network – The wireless network has been changed to provide better support for more devices. Three hundred wireless access points have been added around campus, especially in areas with a dense population of mobile technology users. Nearly all (99%) of the network jacks have been upgraded to a 1 GB connection and the campus network backbone has been upgraded to 10GB. In simple terms, UW-L’s network has received an impressive boost in speed and performance.

  • Technology Classrooms – Two hundred and twenty-five computers have been replaced in computer labs and classrooms. Eight rooms have been completely remodeled to integrate different types of technology. Ten rooms have been updated to include new presentation technologies such as Smart Boards and lecture capture. This fall Communications Studies will be participating in a pilot to use Mediasite lecture capture to record the speeches of 1500 students in 40 sections.

  • Video Conferencing  There is a new video high definition (HD) conferencing system in Wing 024, and also HD videoconferencing in Wing Classroom 031. A new learning studio for technology training has been completed in Wing 023. In the spring of 2013, a new Learning Studio with HD videoconferencing and SMART Board technologies will be installed in Murphy 273 as part of a collaborative effort with the School of Education and ITS.

  • Technology Instruction and Training – New training programs have been initiated to help faculty and staff. An email will be sent during the semester with information on how to participate. Programs include: Technology Training, Information Security, and Compliance. Watch for the upcoming Tech in 20 and Passport to Technology events during the year.

  • SMART Sync in Classrooms – This summer software has been added to the eight computer classrooms managed by ITS which allows instructors to view student computer screens from the podium. This change will give instructors greater flexibility in assisting and collaborating with students.

  • E-Waste – Last March ITS began using a service to recycle old technology. Since then ITS has recycled 14 tons of electronic waste and the service will continue this year. Visit www.uwlax.edu/its/helpdesk/electronic_surplus.htm for information on scheduling a pick up.

If you require any technical support you can always contact the Eagle Help Desk at (608) 785-8774 or helpdesk@uwlax.edu. You can visit the Eagle Help Desk in room 103 Wing Technology Center during business hours, find it on the web at www.uwlax.edu/helpdesk, or request assistance at https://support.uwlax.edu.

This Labor Day weekend the Eagle Help Desk will be open to assist students, faculty, and staff before classes begin on Tuesday September 4. Starting on September 4 the Help Desk will return to regular hours, Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.

Eagle Help Desk Labor Day Weekend Hours: Saturday: 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday: 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Thank you,
Information Technology Services
103 Wing Technology Center
(608) 785-8774